Saturday, May 16, 2009


So i love the Falcons nest and the last couple of days me and my chef have been having prank wars... the first night he put ham on my bike so that the animals would come to i seran wrapped his car!!! Next he places my knife in a bucket of water and froze it....the next day i walk in and im like where is my the best part of this whole story was....while he was laughing at my knife, he left all his knives in his other car so while my knife was defrosting we couldnt do any prep work!!!

It is my last week at the nest and i will miss it alot but before i give them a final depart were having a party with all the cooks and wait im pretty excited for that

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Birthday....part 1

So if you all don't know yet, my birthday is next sunday and of coarse im going to disney 4 free. I get to see my brother who i never see and our blog stories will only grow more and more!! i have many stories to tell ones that my brother doesn't even have up on his blog.
Ones such as the "The Shedding Beast" and
"Why Only Bring One Pair of Underwears With You ON Vacation?"
"Dropping the Mayo".
The next post i wanna have is honoring the best of the best of my 20 years of being alive!!! But that wont happen till i come back from disney.

Chef what?

So i see my brother anthony has reciepes of foods that he's made....don't follow them remember geeks can't cook only fat people can like me. Heres some foods that ive made in my Culinary career.

this first one is a dill cream cheese wrapped with a smoked salmon with reduced basalmic vinigurette and oil

this second one is a vegan salad with heart of palm and ardichoke filled with roasted red pepper and braised beet hearts

this is a cream of roasted tomatoe soup with a rosemary cream sauce on top

Now i like to make my presentation as good as i can, because if the presentation isnt good people work have the guts to try the food.

now im slowly getting into desserts this is a orange creme brulee and you've all have seen the frazzle
im not really sure why i chose the culinary career but i say i don't love it. I know my mom was a huge influence in it and i love cooking for her and with her. Im not gonna lie i've never been this far from my mother and i do miss her....ok im off to work. pc

The new tattoo

So if your a follower of my brothers blog you'll see that he has a picture of my first tattoo... well now theres more i got a new one on my ribs...not a smart place to put it but i do like it.

This is only part one, i still have to go back for the shadding and the coloring but i wanna know what people think of it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Worried = (

So today as i was clocking out of work.. a raccoon can out of the bush and bit my leg. Its not bad its like a tooth punched through nothing serious.... i put iodine on it and hydrogen peroxide and cleaned it very well. Comments what would you do if this happened to you?

so last night i got sent tot he ER and i got my rabbi shots....not fun. hurt like hell

my friend lee was there the whole time so i could hold his hand = )

this is what i believe....well my brother anthony says hes just below i think he told god to sick the raccoon on me so i was forced to get rabbi shots so that my birthday can be shitty. Well its not gonna work ill just have to celebrate it in pain lol

Amelia Island Plantation

So right now im on my externship from school. Im working at the Amelia Island the falcon's nest. It's a bar....thats all i can say for myself lol. I work.. a lot and i sleep a lot too and i eat a lot also!! Its fun there we have three peole working the line the head chef Mike, Justin and me. I'm in charge of all apps, all desserts and all fryed stuff. I also make the specials everynight and I was also the first extern to ever make an item so good that they put it on the menu!!

I call it the "Frazzle". It's a dep fried brownie, filled with rasberry sauce over vanilla icecream!!!

I've been working at the Falcon's nest for 5 weeks now and i love it there... im thinking that wen i graduate i may wanna come back to work at the plantation. Another cool thing about being on my no mother yelling at me to clean up my mess or ray saying " look at him he just lies around, get up and do somthing lazy" this is the life. I try to go to the beach everyday i'm only a mile from it so i either walk or ride my bike! The island is small but it has everything i need here so i dont mind it.

My nickname here on the island is city, because im from ny lol its funny cause i answer to it. Theres this one kid lee i chill with every night..but enough with the boring stuff... im much cooler than that!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My First Blog

So I'm not really sure what to write but my brother...the prince wants me to start a blog about my life as a chef. My life starts out when i was far as i can remember i have always loved cooking even as a baby i knew i would become a chef!To where i am now i am the C.I.A graduate to be!!!This is just the first of many blogs....ant bring it on...let the blogging commence!!