Thursday, August 13, 2009

My last few weeks in Florida!!

So my time here has been amazing and i wouldn't trade it for the world. I won competitions build huge slip and slides on the beach that dont really work well hah..another story for another time, and used a dish washer for the first time!

So the plantation has this mystery box thing where they give you three items and u have to make a meal with it...4 apps 4 salads 4 entrees. its too much to write about but in the long run ....i kicked ass!! then i found out theres more, i could continue to other rounds to win big bucks and a fully furnished kitchen...that would have been needless to say i went on to where i am now in Disney for the Florida state cook off... i lost last night but it was there was at least 300 to 400 people watching me cook and tasting my food and asking me tons of questions. i love to sing when i cook so that also brought people to my station. but today im going to spend it in Disney and just relax and have fun...i will write more about it when i finish my stay.

We had an idea, we thought it would be cool to build a slip n slide on the beach into the we started at 9 in the morning and finished it around 12 noon. We didn't have any shovels or tools we had our hands and pitcher to put water in...somewhere along the way a guy asked if we wanted to use his shovel so we did...i tell u now it was fun but i totally forgot about the tide change so when we built it half was in the water the other half was out...than low tide none was in the water lol and sand was all in hurts to slide on sand!

My friend emily has more pics of my falls and stuff its funny too!

Last story...the magic of the foam!!
So i have never used a dish washer in my life and i saw that i had one in my if you know me and my lazy self of coarse im gonna use it. So i loaded it up and i put in the soap tablet...than i put in this bleach soap...than i put in hand soap...than i put in washing machine soap, i guess i was hoping that with all the soap it would make it extra clean. life doesnt work like that i set it and walked away from it for like a good hour. i come back out to check it and there is foam all over my kitchen floor and it would not stop either it just kept coming... i have pics but im to lazy to upload them that ill do it later, and when i say later i mean prob not till i get home to ny!