Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas in nola part 1

So far I love New Orleans. It took my friend and I 3 days to get here but we made it finally.
We got caught in the worst snowstorm of the century!!! and when I say worst I mean it! It all started on Friday December 18th... it was a normal day like any other i had lunch then i went to class. But not to my knowing there was a storm brewing..OoOoh AaAaAhhhh..(dramatic effect)so i get a call in the middle of my baking class from a women. she calls herself Barbara toledo, but i told her i didnt kno anyone by that name...but when she told me her code name "MOM" i knew who it was right away. She said she had called me for a top secret notification...i was puzzled on what it could be, she told me the government was holding out on the weather and she said there was a storm in the path of us for heading down to N.O.L.A.!! next thing i kno sirens are going off at school telling me and the school to get to our rooms and cellars casue here comes a big one.

so i pulled my partner to the side and i told him we have 2 options...either wait out the storm and lose 4 days or drive into this bitch and hold on for dear life. now if you dont know me to well...i like to do dangerous that point we looked eachother in the eyes and said lets do it!
as we pack up the car our ladys start to run up to us...i can see from the corner of my eye the storm coming so i quickly give my girl a kiss goodbye and i tell her "babe, if i dont make it out alive i just want u to kno....ive been cheating on u" she looked at me with a glare of disbelief, i told her i have to go now as she handed me her hanky i held the rope and i gave the signal for the helicopter to pull me up.

now we've been on the road for about 5 hours and still no sign of any storm, but then all of a sudden cant see anything but white...we were driving right into the face of the shedding beast we called a blizzzard. driving 150 mph into it our vehicle starts to spin out of control as we go into a spinning vortex. next thing i kno were on the side of the road facing traffic in our lane. as i start to call headquarters i realize now we shouldnt be driving in this condition so agent MOM finds a place where we can post p our black asses for the night. the next morning we look out the window and all we see is white, then i pull the curtain away and now i see white with cars in was terrible out, so we decided to drive lol it took us 5 hours to drive 100 miles, at that point we knew we could possible die so we got another room.

now its sunday morning a the snow stopped, but one prob we got no shovel, so i pull out of my pocket a blow-dryer and start to melt the snow little by little. so were on the road again and the conditions are much better as we look left and right as we drive we see what this bitch of a storm did to the victims that were caught in were buried 10 feet 2 in in snow, as i sent out my prayers i just lifted my head and knew it was smooth sailing from there.

so after 3 days of tortuous conditions and a hotdog we have finally made it to New Orleans!! and i must say what a city indeed, the history the people the culture, its all so fascinating. now its Christmas morning and there is only one more thing left to do, spend new years on bourbon street!!! thats gonna be part 2 of the adventure! as i leave yall tonight, merry chistmas to all and to all a good night~