Friday, October 23, 2009

the new life

well if u havent heard yet im back at school and i love it!
there is nothing i want more but to be here.
there is this one girl here and i had fall madly in love with her and the last couple of
days she was in the hospital cause she got into a car accident. well now i was told last night that were done. im crushed right now.
your all that i think about but my school is what i should be thinking about but its hard when u get this gut feeling like u miss the person even though there not dead there just still not with u. i kno ive messed up in the past..and pulled some shit that u dont deserve...but i kno this isnt wut u wanna hear but im ready now. and i kno i should have been ready before.....i wanna grow old with you

the fight in me still lives for u