Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Thanksgiving....

So 2 days ago i got sick....and i had to tell my mom. well because of me being sick my mother wont let me come home. so yesterday she brought me soups meds and money....its just not the same i want a nice warm meal and family to be with for this...i want my own bed and i wanna see my baby Constantine. I miss my friends =(


  1. Boy, do you have a really mean Mom, Jay. Depriving her poor son of a mother's love and care, shame on her. But don't feel bad, she does the same thing to me, if she is planning on coming over and hears me cough, I get the 3rd degree. She won't come over if she thinks I'm sick, bummer, huh? I assume that if you are feeling better I will see you on Saturday to make your Avocado items? I'll be here - I put the containers in the freezer a few days ago, so they should be ready to go.

    Feel better and stay warm.

    Love you babe,

    Titi Elaine

  2. The real reason you want to come home Jason is not to see or be with me, but to hang with your friends and eat:) You're always welcome to come home, and when you do come home you just drop off the dirty clothes, leave a mess, eat the food and leave to hang with friends:) I get to do the laundry, pick up the mess, and do more grocery shopping and then I am fortunate to give you your clean clothes, pack some food for you and get a kiss goodbye:)